Personal Loans

Most people need to borrow money at some point. United Bank’s personal loans combine the flexibility of a major financial institution with the service of a neighborhood bank. We’ll get to know you and your unique situation, tailoring a loan to meet your specific needs. And because we make our approval decisions locally, you’ll hear from us in hours, not days.†  
Finance that major purchase with an installment loan, a flexible tool that’s perfect for big-ticket items like vehicles, home improvements, equipment, and vacations. We can match the term and payment to your circumstances and send you on your way with cash in hand.†
Smooth out the unpredictability of building projects with a flexible construction loan from United Bank. Soon after we approve your application, you’ll have the cash on hand to use when your project’s timeline calls for it. When construction is finished, we can help you convert your loan into something more suitable for the long term.†
It’s important to select the right mortgage partner, one that will work with you to clearly explain the options available to you. United Bank is your trusted community mortgage provider.
With a quick and easy approval process, we can assess your options and help you choose the right loan with confidence. We walk our clients through the entire mortgage process step-by-step, offering competitive pricing and unsurpassed service with a personal touch.†
Rest easy knowing you have access to cash with a line of credit. After approval, you’ll have money available for your use at any time. A revolving line of credit gives you immediate access to cash when you need it most—and that gives you peace of mind.†
Borrow money using the equity in your home. Receive credit lines as low as $5,000 for primary or secondary homes and use them as a first or second mortgage. Experience no closing costs, but note restrictions apply.*†
† Subject to credit approval and underwriting guidelines
* Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest. If you close your Equity Loan Line of Credit within 36 months, we will add any closing costs we paid on your behalf to your outstanding balance.