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Our Investment Management Philosophy and Approach

Investing your money the right way is an important first step toward achieving your goals. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors are here to help you make the best investment decisions for your life. We provide a variety of actively managed portfolios, tailored specifically to match your unique needs and objectives.
Every decision we make is driven by your needs and goals, and is rooted in proven investment principles. Our approach keeps the focus on you and includes four key pillars:
Long-term Investing - We seek solid long-term performance through thoughtful navigation of shifting economic conditions.
Diversification - We optimize performance through investing in a combination of assets that work together to minimize value fluctuations while maximizing risk-adjusted returns.
Active Management - We make consistent, proactive decisions that minimize risk and maximize returns.
Fee-only Services - Our team is compensated with fees, not commissions, which means our advice is unbiased, our process consistent and our interests aligned with yours.
Successful portfolio management is driven by proper asset allocation and security selection. With that in mind, the members of our team spend a great deal of time determining the right investment approach based on each client's personal return goals and risk tolerance. Our wealth management team and internal investment committee diligently monitor this mix and make consistent, necessary adjustments as economic circumstances change and markets fluctuate. This disciplined approach leads to predictable results for our clients.
Our Wealth Management team works with an external research firm which provides recommendations for asset allocations and individual securities. Then, our Investment Committee reviews and approves each option before we suggest anything to our clients.
United Bank Wealth Management Advisors meet with clients individually to get a clear picture of their goals, expectations and tolerance for risk. Having established a relationship based on this knowledge, advisors then design an investment portfolio to optimize risk-adjusted returns.
Our clients have 24/7 online access to review their account information. Beyond this, our advisors proactively meet with clients to review performance and assess progress toward goals.
Our team at United Bank Wealth Management Services constantly monitors portfolios and makes adjustments based on both our client's shifting needs and changes in the larger investment landscape.
If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact a United Bank Wealth Management Advisor.

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