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Retirement Planning

Are you looking forward to a productive, accomplished retirement? Are you confident that your income will match your goals? United Bank Wealth Management Advisors understand that each individual is unique, and that includes an individualized retirement planning strategy. We will take the time to understand you; then we will plot a course together.
Have you thought about how much income you will need when you retire? Are you on track to have enough? Saving for retirement is a long journey with many steps. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors will guide you to the right path. We will not only help you get started, but also we will be right beside you along the way to help you stay on course.
Social Security is a vital part of income for many retirees. The government has online tools to help you factor these hard-earned future benefits into your retirement picture.
You probably have some ideas about what you want your future to look like. But how will you get there? Will you be ready to pay for that wedding or college tuition? Our Wealth Management Advisors will listen to understand your goals and show you the way to achieve them through robust and realistic financial planning.
  • Anticipate financial sufficiency.
  • Plan for future obligations with low risk and high confidence
  • Realize the dream of a major purchase like a vehicle, vacation or second home
  • Minimize taxes and administrative costs
  • Make use of your home equity in your overall financial strategy
Your children's education is an investment in their financial future. Whether your children are about to enter college or have yet to start Kindergarten, United Bank Wealth Management Advisors are ready to help you with education planning.
  • Set appropriate savings goals
  • Take advantage of an FDIC-insured education savings account from United Bank
  • Save tax-free in a 529 College Savings Plan
  • Investigate a full range of student and parent loan products
Proactively planning your estate may be among the greatest gifts you leave your heirs. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors give you the rock-solid assurance that the assets you've earned will be preserved for their greatest purpose. We explain all your options and can even serve as your executor or trustee, relieving your family of the burden of carrying out your wishes.
  • Protect your legacy
  • Mitigate estate tax implications for your beneficiaries
  • Put your bequests to work now with a living trust
  • Provide for your family and for the missions you care about
  • Optimize risk and return over the appropriate time horizon with general and family trusts
Will your family be financially secure if you are no longer able to provide due to disability or death? United Bank Wealth Management Advisors can assist you in creating an insurance plan that will protect your loved ones during the worst of times.
  • Put your mind at ease with a sound insurance plan
  • Have the conversation to determine what your family will need if you cannot be there to provide it
  • Choose from a range of term, whole, annuity and hybrid products to build a strong safety net
  • Remember that disability is more likely than untimely death
  • Consider the long-term value of insurance products for your children
An effective tax management strategy often means more than taking advantages of tax-advantaged accounts such as 401(k)s and IRAs. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors bring deep experience to bear in helping our customers keep and pass on more of what they have earned.
  • Know the right steps
  • Anticipate the tax implications of alternative forms compensation such as stock trading and options
  • Direct the timing and structure of selling personal assets and interests in family businesses
  • Make a difference in multiple lives with an effective gifting strategy
If you would like to learn more about Retirement Planning Services, please contact a United Bank Wealth Management Advisor.