Our Investment Management Philosophy and Approach


Investing your money the right way is an important first step toward achieving your goals. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors are here to help you make the best investment decisions for your life. We provide a variety of actively managed portfolios, tailored specifically to match your unique needs and objectives.

Every decision we make is driven by your needs and goals, and is rooted in proven investment principles. Our approach keeps the focus on you and includes four key pillars:

Long-term Investing - We seek solid long-term performance through thoughtful navigation of shifting economic conditions.

Diversification - We optimize performance through investing in a combination of assets that work together to minimize value fluctuations while maximizing risk-adjusted returns.

Active Management - We make consistent, proactive decisions that minimize risk and maximize returns.

Fee-only Services - Our team is compensated with fees, not commissions, which means our advice is unbiased, our process consistent and our interests aligned with yours.


Successful portfolio management is driven by proper asset allocation and security selection. With that in mind, the members of our team spend a great deal of time determining the right investment approach based on each client's personal return goals and risk tolerance. Our wealth management team and internal investment committee diligently monitor this mix and make consistent, necessary adjustments as economic circumstances change and markets fluctuate. This disciplined approach leads to predictable results for our clients.

Research & Analysis

Our Wealth Management team works with an external research firm which provides recommendations for asset allocations and individual securities. Then, our Investment Committee reviews and approves each option before we suggest anything to our clients.

Portfolio Construction & Management

United Bank Wealth Management Advisors meet with clients individually to get a clear picture of their goals, expectations and tolerance for risk. Having established a relationship based on this knowledge, advisors then design an investment portfolio to optimize risk-adjusted returns.

Reviews & Performance

Our clients have 24/7 online access to review their account information. Beyond this, our advisors proactively meet with clients to review performance and assess progress toward goals.

Monitoring & Adjusting

Our team at United Bank Wealth Management Services constantly monitors portfolios and makes adjustments based on both our client's shifting needs and changes in the larger investment landscape.

Retirement Planning

Are you looking forward to a productive, accomplished retirement? Are you confident that your income will match your goals? United Bank Wealth Management Advisors understand that each individual is unique, and that includes an individualized retirement planning strategy. We will take the time to understand you; then we will plot a course together.

Retirement Income Planning

Have you thought about how much income you will need when you retire? Are you on track to have enough? Saving for retirement is a long journey with many steps. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors will guide you to the right path. We will not only help you get started, but also we will be right beside you along the way to help you stay on course.

Social Security Income Planning

Social Security is a vital part of income for many retirees. The government has online tools to help you factor these hard-earned future benefits into your retirement picture.

Financial Planning

You probably have some ideas about what you want your future to look like. But how will you get there? Will you be ready to pay for that wedding or college tuition? Our Wealth Management Advisors will listen to understand your goals and show you the way to achieve them through robust and realistic financial planning.

  • Anticipate financial sufficiency.
  • Plan for future obligations with low risk and high confidence
  • Realize the dream of a major purchase like a vehicle, vacation or second home
  • Minimize taxes and administrative costs
  • Make use of your home equity in your overall financial strategy

Education Planning

Your children's education is an investment in their financial future. Whether your children are about to enter college or have yet to start Kindergarten, United Bank Wealth Management Advisors are ready to help you with education planning.

  • Set appropriate savings goals
  • Take advantage of an FDIC-insured education savings account from United Bank
  • Save tax-free in a 529 College Savings Plan
  • Investigate a full range of student and parent loan products

Estate Planning

Proactively planning your estate may be among the greatest gifts you leave your heirs. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors give you the rock-solid assurance that the assets you've earned will be preserved for their greatest purpose. We explain all your options and can even serve as your executor or trustee, relieving your family of the burden of carrying out your wishes.

  • Protect your legacy
  • Mitigate estate tax implications for your beneficiaries
  • Put your bequests to work now with a living trust
  • Provide for your family and for the missions you care about
  • Optimize risk and return over the appropriate time horizon with general and family trusts

Insurance Planning

Will your family be financially secure if you are no longer able to provide due to disability or death? United Bank Wealth Management Advisors can assist you in creating an insurance plan that will protect your loved ones during the worst of times.

  • Put your mind at ease with a sound insurance plan
  • Have the conversation to determine what your family will need if you cannot be there to provide it
  • Choose from a range of term, whole, annuity and hybrid products to build a strong safety net
  • Remember that disability is more likely than untimely death
  • Consider the long-term value of insurance products for your children

Income Tax Planning

An effective tax management strategy often means more than taking advantages of tax-advantaged accounts such as 401(k)s and IRAs. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors bring deep experience to bear in helping our customers keep and pass on more of what they have earned.

  • Know the right steps
  • Anticipate the tax implications of alternative forms compensation such as stock trading and options
  • Direct the timing and structure of selling personal assets and interests in family businesses
  • Make a difference in multiple lives with an effective gifting strategy

Trust & Estate Services

Building wealth for future generations is an important and often complex endeavor. Protecting your loved ones' assets means minimizing estate taxes and expenses. Too often, family members and friends are ill-equipped to assume the role of trustee. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors can step in to reduce the complexity of these responsibilities, making them seem less overwhelming. Providing a wide variety of trust and estate services specifically tailored to match each client's situation, United Bank Wealth Management Advisors have the knowledge, expertise and networks in place that can help streamline trustee and estate representative responsibilities. Our team will explain and facilitate every aspect of trust administration and estate settlement.

United Bank Trust Services

A trust is simply a means of one party holding property for the benefit of another. A trustee, then, has a legal obligation to act always and solely for the benefit of the trust's beneficiaries. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors can either assume the role of trustee or advise an existing trustee on how best to carry out this mission, all the while taking care of administrative and fiduciary duties such as records maintenance, communication with attorneys, tax returns and distributions of funds.

United Bank Wealth Management Advisors have administered trusts for many loyal clients, helping them preserve their wealth and successfully pass it on to their loved ones. We offer experienced guidance, precision and a hands-on approach to trust management that is signature to UnitedBank.

United Bank Estate Services

Estate planning and settling an estate involves more than carrying out the wishes of a loved one; it can also include detailed administrative tasks, such as record keeping, tax returns and responding to creditor claims. Whether you are planning your own estate's settlement or serving as the executor for someone else, United Bank Wealth Management Advisors can help. If necessary, we can act as the executor. Our knowledge and experience also allow us to advise the executor on how best to carry out the requests of the estate's originator. In either case, we will ensure the estate is settled accurately and efficiently.


If you would like to learn more about Trust and Estate Services, please contact a United Bank Wealth Management Advisor.

Foundation and Endowment Stewardship

United Bank Wealth Management Advisors takes pride in serving a number of foundations and endowments. We combine consulting, independent investment management, and continuous oversight and reporting to Investment Committees to effectively and responsibly design and implement an investment strategy which can withstand the test of time.


We have a dedicated team who will guide an Investment Committee through the creation or review of existing Investment Policy Statements (IPS) to eliminate conflicting policies, determine appropriate evaluation criteria, and best fulfill its fiduciary responsibility. Each Committee has unique characteristics and objectives which must be understood in order to provide sound investment management. We will take the time to understand those characteristics and objectives, which ultimately affect your asset allocation strategy.

Independent Investment Management

United Bank Wealth Management Advisors will manage the asset allocation in adherence to the IPS. We have a variety of actively managed portfolios which are based on fundamental analysis of each underlying security. Our investment management team and internal investment committee diligently monitor performance and make consistent, necessary adjustments as economic circumstances change and markets fluctuate. This disciplined approach leads to predictable results for our clients.

Oversight and Reporting

Our service to your organization does not stop with the implementation of an investment portfolio. We continue to monitor the investments and performance of your organization's assets and recommend allocation adjustments and rebalancing when necessary. Furthermore, we will provide ongoing reporting to your organization in a concise presentation detailing the account history, performance, and recommending appropriate solutions that are consistent with your Investment Policy.

Self-Directed IRA

Do you have specific ideas about how to invest the assets you have worked hard to build? We offer a program that allows you to control the selection and direction of your own assets, with a UDirect account from United Bank. With a UDirect account, the United Bank Wealth Management team serves as custodians for your IRA. This way, you make your own choices while benefitting from our expertise and service.


UDirect Self-Directed IRA

Build real value into your retirement

  • Choose specific opportunities based on your own investment acumen
  • Capitalize on one-of-a-kind opportunities
  • Roll over existing retirement savings
  • Target greater returns while maintaining tax-advantaged investing

Self Directed IRA Forms:

For more information:
Brandy Smith

1031 Tax-free Exchange & Custodial Services

Are you ready to dispose of an asset, but concerned about the tax implications? Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows owners of certain types of investments to sell one asset and buy another of "like kind" while deferring capital gains taxes. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors can serve as your Qualified Intermediary to facilitate such an exchange.

Seize the next opportunity:

  • Find real estate, or other investments similar to what you already own
  • Increase long-term returns by deferring taxes
  • Funds will be protected until the transaction period is completed

Brokerage Services


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