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Self-Directed IRA

The UDirect Account

Do you have specific ideas about how to invest the assets you’ve worked hard to build?

Do you own unique assets that don’t fit in other retirement plans?

Do you prefer the freedom to make your own decisions with input from experts?

A UDirect Account from United Bank is a self-directed IRA account which allows you to control the selection and direction of your own assets. With a UDirect Account, the United Bank Wealth Management team serves as custodian for your IRA. This way, you make your own choices while benefiting from our expertise and service.

Your retirement should be built around your own capabilities and interests, not those of your predecessors, coworkers or family members. A UDirect IRA account empowers you to bring real value into your retirement by allowing you to:  

  • Choose specific opportunities based on your own investment knowledge
  • Capitalize on one-of-a-kind opportunities
  • Roll over existing retirement savings
  • Target greater returns while maintaining tax-advantaged investing

A self-directed IRA isn’t for monetary assets such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It includes other assets including real estate, limited partnership interests, and closely-held stocks, among others.

Gain the freedom that comes with directing your own retirement fund to suit your current needs and future goals. Retirement life isn’t one-size-fits-all and your methods of funding it shouldn’t be either. 

Self-Directed IRA Forms

Please use the forms below for account and asset maintenance.  Forms will open in new window.

We’re Here to Help

If you have questions about the UDirect Self-Directed IRA from United Bank, please reach out to our Self-Directed IRA Administrator, at the phone number or email address below.

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