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Trust & Estate Services

Building wealth for future generations is an important and often complex endeavor. Protecting your loved ones' assets means minimizing estate taxes and expenses. Too often, family members and friends are ill-equipped to assume the role of trustee. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors can step in to reduce the complexity of these responsibilities, making them seem less overwhelming. Providing a wide variety of trust and estate services specifically tailored to match each client's situation, United Bank Wealth Management Advisors have the knowledge, expertise and networks in place that can help streamline trustee and estate representative responsibilities. Our team will explain and facilitate every aspect of trust administration and estate settlement.

Our Trust Services

A trust is simply a means of one party holding property for the benefit of another. A trustee, then, has a legal obligation to act always and solely for the benefit of the trust's beneficiaries. United Bank Wealth Management Advisors can either assume the role of trustee or advise an existing trustee on how best to carry out this mission, all the while taking care of administrative and fiduciary duties such as records maintenance, communication with attorneys, tax returns and distributions of funds.
United Bank Wealth Management Advisors have administered trusts for many loyal clients, helping them preserve their wealth and successfully pass it on to their loved ones. We offer experienced guidance, precision and a hands-on approach to trust management that is signature to United Bank.

Our Estate Services

Estate planning and settling an estate involves more than carrying out the wishes of a loved one; it can also include detailed administrative tasks, such as record keeping, tax returns and responding to creditor claims. Whether you are planning your own estate's settlement or serving as the executor for someone else, United Bank Wealth Management Advisors can help. If necessary, we can act as the executor. Our knowledge and experience also allow us to advise the executor on how best to carry out the requests of the estate's originator. In either case, we will ensure the estate is settled accurately and efficiently.
If you would like to learn more about Trust and Estate Services, please contact a United Bank Wealth Management Advisor.