Business Cash Management Services

United Bank's Cash Management Program assists our commercial customers in maximizing cash flow and eliminating repetitive tasks. We have a variety of cash management tools that can be tailored to your specific business needs putting you in full control of your business finances.
With United Bank's deposit concentration service, diversified companies with multiple locations can consolidate their funds into a single account without relying on the U.S. mail. Our specialized software allows file transmission directly to the bank for processing, making funds available more quickly.
Save time in your busy day by making your deposits from the office or home, whenever it is convenient for you. Purchase or lease our simple scanner to send us your checks for same-day credit to your account, any time before 11pm, Monday through Friday (not including federal holidays).
For businesses that need the convenience of making deposits after banking hours, we provide night depository services at all of our banking offices. Lease one of our locked night depository bags for $15 per year or use your own tamper-proof, disposable bag
The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network allows for electronic funds transfers among individuals, businesses and government entities, making payments faster. United Bank offers this service through AccessBusiness, our secure, online banking tool for businesses.
United Bank customizes the reconciliation process for our business customers based on their unique operating systems.
Add this feature to your Beyond Business Cash Management service to verify all of your incoming checks before posting. United Bank’s positive pay solution provides a daily review process for your account to guard against fraud and counterfeit checks. Load your check file daily for automated reconcilement and easy exception notification.
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