Business Cash Management Services

United Bank's Business Cash Management Services assists our business customers in maximizing cash flow and eliminating repetitive tasks. We have a variety of business cash management services and tools that can be tailored to your specific business needs and put you in full control of your business finances. 

United Bank’s AccessBusiness Business Cash Management Services platform provides user controls and security protocols that will give you peace of mind knowing your financial information and transactions are secure.  Apply user settings that match the job responsibilities of each employee.  You can also require a second authorized user to complete tasks such as initiating wire transfers, account transfers or ACH files.

If you are an ACH originating customer using our Business Cash Management Services, please take time to review the National Automatic Clearing House Association (NACHA) Rules for creating these transactions.

With United Bank's deposit concentration service, diversified companies with multiple locations and multiple transactional accounts can consolidate their funds into a primary account without relying on the U.S. mail. The convenience of our service means you don’t have to log in to move your funds each day. 

Do you want to keep a certain balance in different accounts? Our deposit concentration service allows you to maintain balances where you need them each day. Automated sweeps allow you to make deposits into several accounts for record-keeping, but at the close of the business day, assigned amounts transfer to the primary account. You assign a daily target balance and our processing system moves your funds to meet the target at the close of each business day.

Save time in your busy workday by making your deposits from the office or home, whenever it’s convenient for you—no matter where you’re located. 

Simply purchase or lease our scanner to send us your checks for same-day credit to your account, any time before 8 pm, Monday through Friday (not including federal holidays). 

Our remote deposit processing system conveniently integrates with our cash management solution. If you regularly accept checks from customers, yet don’t have the extra time in your workday to prepare deposits and deliver them to a bank office, our scanner makes depositing checks quick and easy. We offer different size scanners to accommodate large and small volumes. 

For small deposits, don’t forget to use our easy mobile deposit app.

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network allows for electronic funds transfers among individuals, businesses and government entities, making payments process faster. United Bank offers this service through AccessBusiness, our secure, online cash management solution for businesses. 

This is the perfect solution for any business that bills their customers on a monthly basis. Gyms, municipalities, HOA memberships, and trash pickup are all examples of businesses that enjoy this efficient service. Draft your customers’ checking accounts directly using the templates you build within AccessBusiness. 

Your regular check payments are eliminated for easy and convenient direct deposit with ACH. It’s likely that your business’s accounting software builds the ACH-ready file to upload directly to AccessBusiness.  It’s the easiest way to pay vendors and employees, and files may be submitted up to two weeks in advance of the effective date.

Important: in the event of an ACH dispute, you may be required to present authorization to debit or credit an account.  Please see the sample forms below that you may use:


Add this feature to your AccessBusiness Cash Management service to verify all of your incoming checks before they process and post. United Bank’s positive pay solution provides a daily review to guard against fraudulent or counterfeit checks. 

Check fraud is a challenging problem for many businesses. Checks are stolen in the mailing process and then chemically washed and deceptively changed. Or, the account number is stolen so the thief can print new checks using different account names to match stolen identities. 

Simply upload a file of your issued checks each day, or manually enter each check’s identifying information. Incoming checks are compared against the electronic check register maintained within AccessBusiness.  If the check doesn’t match the electronic register, we hold the check until you’re able to verify and confirm its validity.  

Positive Pay User's Guide

Best Practices for Positive Pay Users

Tutorial: How to Use Positive Pay

Just like our Positive Pay for checks, our ACH Positive Pay service protects your account from unauthorized ACH transactions. We will set up an ACH filter with your list of approved companies so that originators cannot post unauthorized drafts against your accounts.  If an incoming ACH does not match the list you’ve established, the draft is set aside and not processed until you’re able to safely verify. 

Our ACH block is set up to block all incoming drafts. This is beneficial if you know the account will not receive any ACH transactions.  If someone tries to tamper with your account, our ACH block ensures you’re completely blocked and protected.

Same-day payment is a requirement for many businesses. At United Bank, we offer wire transfers for same-day payment processing making it the easiest and fastest way for B2B companies to transfer money. Our wire transfer service is ideal for businesses that depend on repetitive transfers and the online functionality for its security and efficiency. 

Wire transfers need to be initiated by 4 pm EST for same-day credit.

For more information about United Bank's Business Cash Management Services, contact Business Solutions at or 770-567-7211.

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