Building A Dream Home

Building A Dream Home 

Al and Christi Mauldin Share their United Bank Experience

Thinking about building a home? Worried about navigating the process with your lender? For United Bank customers Al and Christi Mauldin, a construction loan proved to be a seamless solution that ultimately led them straight to their dream home.

Longtime residents of McDonough, Ga., Al and Christi bought property in Flovilla several years ago to use for recreational purposes.

“When we bought the property, we just considered it a place to go hunt and spend time outdoors. After a while, we realized we enjoyed a more rural environment, and started to make plans to retire here,” said Al.

Al consulted with a trusted builder who referred the Mauldins to Ronnie Burch, President of United Bank in Jackson.

“When Al and Christi came to meet with us, we sat down to get a good understanding about their vision. Al is very hands-on and was working with a great builder who was willing to customize the plans according to their desires,” said Ronnie. “A construction loan was a natural fit for them because it allowed the Mauldins to monitor the draws for the builder every step of the way.”

Through construction loans, customers pay interest only on the money drawn toward the building of the house, allowing them to keep close track of expenses. The Bank offers an additional level of control as funds are disbursed when milestones are met throughout the build. Once the build is complete, the Bank will transition the construction loan to a conventional mortgage loan, which it then retains for in-house servicing for the life of the loan.

“Knowing the Bank is handling the loan disbursements immediately puts customers and builders at ease,” said Ronnie. “Everyone can visualize how and when payments are made.”

According to Al, the loan process was smooth and handled in a way that made him feel right at home with United Bank.

“It was wonderful to be able to sit down with Ronnie and talk through exactly what we wanted to do. It was a one-on-one, hometown approach to banking, and that’s really right up my alley,” said Al. “After that first meeting, I completed the initial application over email and by phone. Within just a few days, we were on our way to approval for a construction loan, which was a first for me.”

“When a customer applies for a construction loan and they intend to convert to a conventional mortgage, we try to really streamline the process,” said Jan Cranford, the Bank's Mortgage Loan Officer in Jackson. “Rather than going through the process twice, Ronnie and I work together to make sure things are as easy as possible for them during the application and approval process."

The couple quickly sold their McDonough home and set up living quarters in their camper on the build site so that they could monitor the progress every day. The three bedroom, farm-style ranch home they now enjoy was built specifically for them – all on one level with attention to detail that makes retirement living easier. There’s also a large back porch for entertaining friends and family. In fact, the Mauldins’ two daughters liked their parents’ idea so much they decided to follow suit.

“We gave our two daughters three acres of land each out of the parcel we originally owned,” continued Al. “One is now building her own home, working with United Bank in a similar construction loan situation. My second daughter is starting the same process. I expect all of us will be living on the property by the end of the year, and I am so excited because that means lots of time with our five grandchildren.”

For Ronnie and Jan, helping customers achieve their goals and building relationships through that process is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

“People don’t forget the folks who helped them build their homes – it’s a personal experience,” said Ronnie. “We’re so pleased we were able to help the Mauldins and look forward to many years of business and friendship.”

“We have plans to transfer all of our banking needs to United Bank,” said Al. “Our experience with Ronnie and Jan has been a pleasure, and I feel great knowing that our daughters will receive the same level of service and care from a great community bank. It truly is a dream!”

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This article originally appeared in the 2020 issue of OUR STORY.