Fraudulent Texts

Be Aware of Fraudulent Text Alerts 

A Special Message from the United Bank Fraud Team
In recent weeks, customers across our markets have been bombarded with fraudulent texts sent by crooks in an attempt to gain access to online/mobile banking login credentials.  Unfortunately, several of our customers have fallen prey to their tricks and have lost funds as a result of it.

Here's how the fraudulent text exchange plays out:

1. The fraudster sends a text to your phone asking you to confirm a transaction that you did not initiate.  Their goal is to create a panic so that you'll accept their call from a 'United Bank specialist'.

In the example above, the customer responded 'NO' and the following text informs them that their account has been restricted and to expect a call.

2. The incoming call is spoofed to appear that it is truly a United Bank agent calling to further investigate.  During that phone call, the fraudster impersonates our agent very skillfully, and asks the customer for their login ID and password.  The fake agent then proceeds to unlock your account and assure you that all is well.

IMPORTANT: A legitimate United Bank agent does not need this information to assist you, nor would be ever ask you for your password.
3. Now the fraudster has access to your online banking.  They view your cleared checks to obtain your full account number.  They may go into online bill pay to try and set a new payee and send a payment to themselves.  They also use the P2P Send Money function to send money to one of their own PayPal or VENMO accounts.

Unfortunately, you don't realize that you've been tricked and at risk until it is too late.
In another real example below, the fraudsters ask the customer to respond with their login ID and password directly in the text exchange.

And in the last example, you'll see another method our fraudsters use to gain the credentials.

Legitimate texts from United Bank will never ask for your login credentials.  And our agents will never ask you for your passwords.

Report any suspicious text message you receive - our agents are available from 7am until 8pm, seven days a week at 770.567.7211.