Lee Goodrum Pharmacy

Local Pharmacy Builds on Tradition

Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy: A Newnan Fixture since 1907

Bobby Lee and John Goodrum established Lee-Goodrum as an expansion of Lee- King Pharmacy on Hospital Road in 1984. Under their leadership, Lee-Goodrum experienced tremendous growth and expanded to three locations. In 2020, Bobby and John decided to sell each pharmacy separately.

Pharmacist Casey Tarpley, a Newnan native, seized the opportunity to carry on the community pharmacy tradition and purchased the Hospital Road location.

“After graduating from pharmacy school at Mercer University, I came home and interned at the east side Lee-Goodrum location. I moved to the Hospital Road pharmacy in 2016 and, when John and Bobby started looking for a buyer, the stars aligned,” said Casey.

“My wife, Alison, and I were both born and raised in Newnan, and my mom filled our prescriptions at Lee- Goodrum my whole life. It was an honor to purchase my hometown pharmacy and provide the excellent service my family always experienced here.”

Though Lee and Goodrum are retired, they are still practicing pharmacists. Goodrum continues to spend time in the pharmacy two-to-three days a week.

“They say that a pharmacist is the most accessible and trustworthy healthcare provider there is,” Casey continued. “It’s a great feeling to know that people depend on us and continue as customers because of the outstanding reputation built by Bobby and John. We have the privilege of carrying on their legacy of service and attention in every action we take here.”

Independent pharmacies are special places within the United Bank footprint, and Lee-Goodrum brings forward traditional business practices its patrons have grown to appreciate, including charge accounts and free prescription deliveries.

“We don’t want our customers to have to wait here for two hours to get their medications, especially those who are in assisted living or long-term care,” he said.

“We are here to get to know them and make things easier with deliveries. We do business the old school way and have no intention of changing that.”

United Bank’s relationship with Lee-Goodrum predates John Goodrum’s ownership of the pharmacy, and Casey himself has a history with the Bank.

“I’ve known Jacki Parker for a long time, and Joe Borchardt has handled many of our banking needs over the years, including the construction loan for our home. The United Bank team also helped us secure funding when we first started out in this business,” he continued.

“The United Bank team made the process seamless for us. As always, they were with us every step of the way, giving us the helpful advice we needed,” Casey explained. “When I walk in the Bank, I know I am going to visit friends and that’s a great feeling. It’s the same service we strive to deliver here at Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy.”

Alison, who has a healthcare background as well, now works full time at Lee-Goodrum Health, an extension of Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy where patients can see a staff nurse practitioner for urgent care, sick visits and weight loss needs, five days a week.

“With Lee-Goodrum Health, we can maintain a ‘mom and pop’ approach and offer full healthcare to our customers,” said Casey. “This really is a family affair. We have three pharmacists on staff now including Bobby Lee’s niece, who has been with the pharmacy for 25 years. My brother will come here to work after he graduates from pharmacy school in May, and I hope my daughter will someday take over the family business.”

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