Clover Testimonial

United Bank has partnered with First Data to offer the CLOVER® Point of Sale (POS) suite of payment solutions, giving business owners a stress-free and simple approach to processing their customers' credit card transactions.  CLOVER delivers a variety of solutions intended to balance the needs of every business and their patrons.

With POS devices like CLOVER Flex, businesses can accept customer credit card payments quickly and easily. CLOVER Flex is sales-ready, allowing for an easy set-up and straightforward employee training. It also offers the ability to organize inventory and track daily sales numbers.

Stirling Promotions, a Newnan company that provides branded promotional items such as apparel, signs and banners, uses the CLOVER Flex solution.  Stirling Innis and Sandi Fallowfield, its owners, hail the payment platform as the best customer experience, and enjoy the ease of operating the system. 

 “I love being able to sit with my customers and get their payment information entered quickly and securely into the Clover Dashboard.  It’s a more personal experience; I’m not walking away with the customer’s card information.  The customer’s phone “dings” to let them know their receipt has arrived.  Each day I get an email with the totals of the previous day’s processing information, so I know exactly how much is going to be deposited into our United Bank account. We didn’t have that with other banks before switching our merchant processing to United Bank.” 

- Sandi Fallowfield (Stirling Promotions)

United Bank recognizes that each business has distinctive needs for accepting card payments.  Let our Business Solutions team help find the CLOVER system that suits your business today.  Contact us at, or call us at 770-567-7211 to learn more.