Your App Does That

Get to know the United Bank Mobile App!

In 2021, the FDIC polled American consumers to ask how many rely on their financial institution's mobile app to do their everyday banking.  The answer? 43.5%  In 2019, that response was 34%.  

United Bank is out to make your mobile app experience the best it can be!  We've gathered all of the information you need to know to maximize the benefits of our mobile banking app so that you can spend your time doing more exciting things than banking.

The topics below include a link or helpful tutorial to walk you through each process.

The United Bank mobile banking app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android platforms. Visit your app store and search United Bank - Georgia. Once downloaded, you can deposit checks via smartphone camera, securely transfer funds between accounts, simplify paying bills using online bill pay, view images of paid checks, and control your debit and credit card transactions.
Complete your online enrollment.  We typically process your request within a business day cycle.  You'll receive an email with your 12 digit online banking ID and temporary password.   
If you hold a joint account with another individual, each owner should enroll in electronic banking to obtain their own personal credentials. Do not share your online banking ID or password with anyone else. Check out these helpful tips about using mobile banking safely and securely.
Need your balance? No need to call us, we'll send it to you each day via a text message, at the time you request it.  Watch this quick tutorial to learn how.
If your employer offers direct deposit, take advantage of it.  You'll get your money faster, because United Bank posts electronic credits the business day BEFORE the effective date.  But if you don't have that option, the easiest and fastest way to deposit your check is through the mobile app.  Make your deposit up to 8pm on a business day for same day posting.  Learn how by watching this quick tutorial.
Use the mobile app to move money between your United Bank accounts up to 8pm on any business day. Learn how with this quick tutorial.
When you're paying your monthly bills, we recommend going digital.  After all, physical check fraud has never been worse than it is today.  Two ways to make payments digitally: (1) set up an automated draft directly with your payee, to debit your account directly; or (2) enroll in online bill payment.  Watch this quick tutorial to see just how easy it is.
Debit and credit card fraud is just part of life these days, unfortunately.  But you can control your card and protect it using the Card Controls within the mobile app.  Set spending limits, transaction alerts, block online transactions or foreign transactions.  Learn how to do it all with this quick tutorial.
Electing to receive your monthly account statements is both efficient and provides additional security. Thefts regularly occur from residential mailboxes, and if your account statement falls into the hands of a thief, your account may be compromised.  Electronic statements are available for checking and savings accounts, as well as Endeavor credit card accounts. See the tutorial to enroll today.
Need to send a friend $10 for your portion of the lunch tab? Just use the Send Money feature in the United Bank app.  Payment is sent immediately, and your recipient can choose the way they receive the funds: directly to their personal checking account, to a Venmo® account, or to a Paypal® account.  See the tutorial to learn how.

If your recipient has questions, here's a quick guide for receiving funds.

Need some help with setting up your mobile app services?  Stop by a United Bank branch to visit us personally, or give us a call at 770.567.7211, option 4.  Our Digital Banking agents can walk you through any of these processes.  They're available seven days a week, from 7am until 8pm.

Also, our mobile help desk sets up in a different bank location every Friday, to help customers one-on-one with setting up services and troubleshooting user problems.  See the schedule and stop by when the team is in your neighborhood.