Avoiding Overdrafts

At United Bank, our mission is to provide financial solutions while building a relationship of integrity and trust with our customers.  Our customers' needs vary, and sometimes we can all come up short on cash, creating a non-sufficient funds scenario that results in an overdraft. 
Overdraft service should not be viewed as an encouragement to overdraft your account, and we encourage customers to manage their finances responsibly. We structure our Overdraft Services to provide you with options, thereby giving you the choice on how your Overdrafts are handled.
Here's some helpful info to help you avoid overdrafts and the fees that can occur:
Our mobile app provides real-time, 24x7 access to your account information, including the transactions that are pending for the business day.  Enroll in text alerts to get your balance delivered to you each day, and set up balance alerts within online banking so you can adjust your spending or transfer funds when necessary.

Use this helpful tutorial to learn how to set up your daily account balance text.

Keeping accurate personal records of your transactions is the best way to be certain of your account balance. This is important not only to avoid overdrafts but also to help manage spending and ensure against fraud (someone else using the account without permission).

Be aware that account transactions – checks, ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases – may be presented to an account at different times during the day.

Direct deposit gives you access to your funds faster.  United Bank posts all Automated Clearing House (ACH) credits the business day prior to the credit effective date. Ask your employer if direct deposit is an option for you.
Link your primary checking account to another deposit account - checking or savings - to sweep funds automatically to cover non-sufficient funds items.  There is no charge for this service.  See a United banker or call us at 770.567.7211 to set this service up.  You must be an owner on both accounts to enroll.
If you prefer not to have any overdraft service, and enjoy doing all of your banking electronically (never write any checks), consider opening a United Account.  Learn more.
Emergencies happen all of the time, and using your available cash can leave you short for other everyday expenses.  United Bank checking account customers have the option to apply for a 90-day loan, based on their checking account history.  Learn more.
Most consumer and business accounts are eligible for Overdraft Service.  Your Overdraft Service limit is personalized and may change often, increasing or decreasing, based on account history.  Factors that influence the limit amount will include (1) how long the account has been open, (2) the amount of deposits made, and (3) the frequency of the deposits. If your account is currently eligible and has Overdraft Service, you may opt-out at anytime.  When you opt-out, this lets us know that you do not want us to pay non-sufficient fund items.  

Be mindful that when checks are returned, merchants often add on more fees.  Also, returned items can be represented up to two (2) times, and United Bank may charge up to three (3) fees for each item as it is presented and represented.

You also determine how we handle your ATM and everyday debit card transactions on these eligible accounts.  You can change your instructions on how we authorize these transactions at any time.  See a United banker or call us at 770.567.7211.

Our bankers are available to assist you in considering any of these options.  Visit a convenient United Bank office, or call us at 770.567.7211.  Our agents are available 7 days a week, from 7am until 8pm.