Pandemic Questions and Answers


We are closely monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities. Here are the common questions being asked most frequently by our customers.


Q: Will United Bank’s hours or services change due to the pandemic?

A: It is our goal to remain open and available as much as possible to assist you with your financial needs.  All decisions are made in concert with federal and state directives.  We have made the following changes in our bank offices, due to the pandemic and limited resources:

- Our lobbies are open with a controlled entry protocol.  This will allow our employees to ensure six foot social distancing as advised by health experts.  It will also allow us to sanitize surfaces and door handles between visitors.  Branch appointments will be given priority throughout the day.  See our location guide to contact your branch for a visit.

- Our Call Center and ITM Tellers are available currently from 7am - 8pm, seven days a week.  

- The branches located in the Barnesville Ingles and Locust Grove Ingles will operate with these reduced hours: Monday through Friday, 10am - 6pm; Saturday, 10am - 2pm.  This change is effective Monday, March 23.


Q: Are customers required to wear a mask when entering a United Bank office?

A: Yes, we ask that all bank visitors wear a mask to protect us all from the virus.  If you prefer not to wear a mask, please visit our drive through or allow us to serve you through a digital service.


Q: Will any of the branches close temporarily due to the pandemic?

A: Just like every other business, we are monitoring the situation very closely and managing this crisis on a day to day basis.  If our workforce is impacted directly because of childcare issues or the illness itself, we have plans in place to make adjustments and move employees around as needed so that all offices may open as scheduled.  We will also take the necessary measures to protect the health of our employees and their families.


Q: Will my debit card continue to work as it does today?

A: Yes, there should not be any interruptions to the networks that process debit and credit card transactions.  All of our vendor partners have activated business continuity plans to ensure the continuation of their services.


Q: Does the virus live on currency?  Should I take precautions using money?

A: The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the virus can live on surfaces, including currency.  We recommend that you practice recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as it relates to washing your hands, not touching your face, etc. after you have handled any currency.

We have provided gloves to our tellers for their optional use.


Q: What accommodations has United Bank made so that I do not have to visit a bank office?

A: United Bank offers multiple options for customers to make their transactions.  We have a mobile app, online banking, ATMs for cash withdrawals, and ITM video tellers located in every bank office drive through.  Our ITM and ATM devices also undergo the same enhanced sanitizing process as our office locations.   Please call us to discuss your needs, and we’ll find the best way to serve you.  Our Call Center agents are available seven days a week, from 7am until 8pm.


Q: Should I withdraw extra money in the event of an emergency?

A: We do not advise you to withdraw large amounts of money.  We do not anticipate any impediments to take place to access to banking services; banking is considered an essential service, so any quarantine orders will not impact the ability to access your funds.

If you remove your deposits for safekeeping in your home, you will no longer have the benefit of your balances being insured by the FDIC.  For information regarding your FDIC coverage, please visit


Q: Will there be enough cash during a pandemic or other national disaster?

A: The Federal Reserve System has and will continue to meet the currency needs of banking customers. Be assured that sufficient resources are available to handle customer needs. Keep in mind, the safest place for your money is inside a bank. Banks will continue to ensure that their customers have access to funds either directly or electronically, and inside an FDIC-insured bank, your funds are protected by the FDIC.


Q: Will United Bank waive my overdraft fees during this crisis?

A: United Bank always strives to engage with customers during hardships to refund fees within reason.  The Bank also provides its Fresh Start program for customers to enter repayment programs to pay back overdraft balances across a 4 month repayment cycle.  For those impacted directly by the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact your account officer or local branch to discuss your options on a case by case basis.


Q: Will United Bank lower the interest rates on my loans during this crisis?

A: The Bank has lowered its prime rate effective 3/17/20, which will begin to impact loans and lines with interest calculated as a variable rate.  There are no plans to make further rate adjustments at this time.  If you find yourself experiencing a financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact your loan officer immediately in order to discuss work-out options.  Please help us to help you, by letting us know of your situation as soon as possible.  


Q: What concessions will United Bank provide to me regarding my scheduled loan payments?

A: United Bank will offer a 90-day loan payment extension for some consumer loans with no extension fee.  Please contact your consumer lender for more information.

For business loans, please contact you lender to discuss payment and work out options.


Q: Is there any assistance offered in regards to making my mortgage payment?

A: If you are presently being impacted due to a layoff, reduced hours at work, or loss of hours due to lack of childcare or illness, we have a team ready to discuss options available.  Please call us to discuss.


Q: When can I expect to receive my stimulus check from the IRS?

A: Please visit our Need To Know guide about the Treasury's stimulus payments.  We recommend that you visit the Internal Revenue website for the most up to date information and instructions.


If you have other questions, please contact us at 770-567-7211 or email us at